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Lots of people track their workouts, their diet, or their sleep. allows them to track their mood, libido, menstruation, and sexual activity! Free in the App Store, in-app-purchase for advanced features.

What is Libi?

Libi is an app that allows you to enter your current libido level and mood. It will then allow you to track those over the course of the month. Same with sexual activity, orgasms, and menstruation.

In addition, the app can – with your permission – pull various data from the Apple Health app on your iPhone.

With all this data, Libi allows you to find correlations and trends allowing you to be more aware of your mental health.

While the app is light-hearted and friendly, I take great care to stay away form being crude or overly sexual. And there’s no value judgement. High libido is not inherently “better” than low libido, just different.


It tracks … what??

Libi is an app I wrote to find more about my libido and mood. When do they ebb and flow? What are they influenced by? Is it true that I’m always in way better mood during summer, or is that just a wrong perception?

I decided to get scientific about it. The app uses a technique called Experience Sampling: it randomly collects data at different times each day and uses that to calculate your average day, week, etc. Using this data, it can help you find correlations to data that the Health app can provide.


Key Features

Read more about Libi’s features and their benefits in detail!

Data Security and Privacy

Libido and Mood data is incredibly sensitive. This is why all data you enter into the app is only stored on your devices. Libido, Mood, and Orgasm data is stored directly into Core Data. Sexual Activity and Menstrual Flow are stored into the Health app using Apple HealthKit.

None of that data is uploaded to any servers. If the app ever gains the ability to do so, it will be a completely optional feature that you’ll have to explicitly opt-in to enable.

Premium In-App Purchase and Pricing

Libi is free, but there are Pro features that you can unlock. You can pay a small fee of $2.49 (or 2.49 €) per year to get those pro features.

An app store link will appear here once the app is released. If you would like a TestFlight invite or a Promo Code, feel free to email me at

The Future

Right now, Libi only shows you various correlated graphs and lets you decide yourself if there’s anything going on. In future versions, I want to add way more types of data from HealthKit. I want to calculate correlation coefficients directly, so the app can pop up and say “hey, x and y seem to be related. Do you want to see a graph about that?”

Who wrote Libi?

Hi, I’m Daniel Jilg! I’m an app developer from Augsburg, Germany. 35 years of age, married, two cats.

My previous occupations included being a CTO for a medium size app development agency, and founder of a sadly failed startup that wanted to shoot new kinds of communications satellites into orbit. These days I mostly freelance for companies who build privacy-enhancing apps, or browsers, or both. And I build the occasional app myself — Libi is the first of a new wave of those, but my first app, TenPlusTwo, was among the first 100 apps on the iOS App Store when it launched way back when.

I’m super into space. If you are too, check out my talks about computers in space and calculating orbits in the solar system using swift 🚀

Other things I’m into are feminism, wakeboarding, live translating conference talks, and racing cars real fast around race tracks.

You can contact me at or say hi on twitter or even go to LinkedIn if you are into that.

Let’s see some Design, Screenshots, Icons, and Photos

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Logo and Icons

The app icon comes in two flavors. The light flavor is being used for the iOS home screen, the dark one for accents.

Stylized Screenshots

Screenshots in Light Mode

Screenshots in Dark Mode

Pictures of Daniel