Your personal libido and mood tracker

Track your libido, mood, and sexual activity

Be more aware of how your body works, and how stress, workouts, and other factors influence your libidinal cycle. Find out short- and long-term trends and improve your mental health plus your awareness of your needs and wants.

Track your Menstrual Cycle

If you menstruate, you can quickly and easily enter menstrual flow, learn more about your cycle’s influence on your life, and use Apple Health algorithms to analyze and predict your menstruation.

Find Connections

Once you’ve started tracking your mood, libido, sexual activity and menstrual flow, you will discover beautiful charts that can give you a quick and glanceable idea of how you’re doing, where you’re going and historical trends.

Private by Design

Libi takes great care of your data. There are no accounts and no custom syncing, just iCloud and Apple Health. Your data stays on your devices! Privacy Policy

Quick and easy entry

Entering data is just one swipe in Libi’s attractive and streamlined user interface (which supports Dark Mode of course).

Sync with Health App

Libi will read and write all compatible data types directly from and into the Apple Health App on your phone using HealthKit.